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Besides providing therapies and aids for normal hearing loss and other common hearing impairments, we are also providing therapies to diminish and cure Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a rare and severe sound related disorder where patient hears sound in his ears without any actual external existence of sound. People suffering from Tinnitus hear ringing, clicking, hiss or any other kind of unclear voices or music. The type of sounds and the level of sounds the patient hears differ individually. The tinnitus generally causes stress, anxiety, low concentration and depression in the patients.

There can be numerous causes of this hearing disorder. Tinnitus is caused due to other factors like ear infection, heart diseases, brain tumors, head injuries etc. Sometimes it is also caused by sudden withdrawal of intake of some specific medicines.

Hearing loss has options of hearing aids and cochlear implant but this disorder has lesser options i.e only of the therapies which aim at diminishing the sounds heard by person. Though there is no proper medication available for tinnitus, following therapies are extremely helpful for patients.

TRT - Tinnitus Retraining Therapy - TRT therapy for curing tinnitus is designed to help the patients by using the neurophysiological tinnitus model. It includes directive counseling and sound therapy. While the directive counseling works towards reclassifying tinnitus to neutral signals; the sound therapy works towards diminishing tinnitus related neuronal activities.

Tinnitus Masker - Tinnitus masking therapy uses noise, sounds, music to overpower the sounds of tinnitus heard by the patients. Hearing aids are also used to provide masking effect of other sounds over the sounds heard by the person suffering form Tinnitus. This therapy tries to savethe person from listening the non-existing sounds by making him concentrate on the actual sounds, voice or music.