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Speech Therapy for Adults


Speech loss or speech disorders also occur in adults due to brain damage caused by stroke or paralytic attack or due to any casualty. Speech disorders are by birth or caused by a trauma, stroke or critical brain injuries.

Speech therapies for adults are available to improve and treat following speech disabilities with proven guidelines:

• Aphasia – Post Stroke Therapy – As a result of brain damage, person is unable to produce sound or speech. Speech language pathologists

• Dysarthria is a speech disorder due to improper muscular control.

• Apraxia – This motor speech disorder disables the stops the ability of person to produce speech. It is most commonly caused by neurological damage because of any illness, infection or trauma.

• Dysphagia – Dysphagia is a kind of disorder in which the patient is unable to swallow or has difficulty in swallowing. It may also refer as painful swallowing.

• RHD – Right Hemisphere Brain Damage renders the patient unable to communicate. The right hemisphere of the brain is responsible for problem solving and language communication and hence its damage causes communicative disorders.

• Voice Disorder – Though the person is able to communicate some medical conditions known as voice disorders like abnormal pitch, quality of the sound by larynx, difficulty in speech production and abnormal loudness of voice are also treated by Speech therapies for adults.

• TBI – Speech Therapies are also available to help patients of TBI – Traumatic Brain Injuries are caused by a sudden blow or jolt to the head and thereby damaging brain or nerve fibers critically. This may lead to speech disorders too which can be treated by speech therapies under professional therapists’ guidance.