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Parental Counseling


Besides the use of aids, surgeries, medical assistance and therapies, emotional support and understanding of parents and family members play significant role in sensitive disorders like speech and hearing ability. Assistance is provided to parents of the children suffering from speech and hearing loss disorders as their personal interaction and support plays a key role in helping the patient to cope up with the disorders. Parents are provided assistance in resolving other social, emotional and psychological problems caused by speech and hearing impairments. Hearing disorders like tinnitus and hearing loss causes stress and depression in the person suffering and hence professional counseling is provided to the parents or family members to deal with the person and to enable them to respond to the therapies positively.

In case of child patients, parent’s interaction and active cooperation with the trainers help the treatment and therapies to go smoothly and successfully. Healthy social, psychological and emotional outlook helps patients to respond to the therapies and aids in a better way and this in turn helps patients to overcome their disorders or to take up the therapies efficiently. Parental counseling also help the parents or family members to face the difficult situation of their child more or less in a way a trained professional looks at. This helps parents to understand the disorders of their child with regard to speech and hearing ability. Parents are also made aware of various day to day interactive techniques, medical therapies available, various hearing aids, surgeries and treatments available and their relative effects on the patients.

Parental counseling and family intervention makes a lot of difference in effects of patient’s therapies and treatments as well better interaction of the trainer with the patient.