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Neo-natal Hearing Screening/ Assessment


Neo-Natal Hearing Screening and Assessment tests are carried out to detect hearing loss in infants after birth. Hearing screening tests are done mostly in hospitals or gynecologists’ clinic prior to discharge of mother and child. Our products include high-end psychological tools like BOA (Behavioral Observation Audiometry), OAE (Oto Acoustic Emissions), Aided / Unaided Free Field Audiometry, BERA AC/BC (Brain Stem Evoked Potentials) and ASSR (Auditory Steady State Responses). Any hearing impairment and defect of hearing loss can be effectively detected in new born infants with following neo-natal screenings tools and.

• BOA - Behavioral Observation Audiometry - This test performs direct measurement of hearing in infants through their behavioral observation.

• OAE - Oto Acoustic Emissions - test detects disorders like blockage in child’s outer ear canal and presence of middle ear fluid and any damage in the outer hair cells at cochlea.

• Free Field Audiometry - Free field voice testing is used to assess hearing sensitivity of child.

• BERA AC/BC - Brain Stem Evoked Potentials test is used to measure integrity of Auditory Nerve, loss of hearing and its intensity in new born infants

• ASSR - Auditory Steady State Responses - are used to evaluate hearing ability of new born babies.

This high quality hearing disorder detection techniques and services are provided with utmost care and professionalism to our clients to help parents to detect any kind of hearing detect in child right at the neo-natal stage for earliest treatment. Our services for neo-natal hearing assessment is essential as it leads to early detection of such hearing disorder and enables parents and doctors to prevent the repercussions and other potential risk factors caused by hearing disorders among children.