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Hearing Test & Assessment


We are providing high-end Hearing tests facilities with other standard tests and techniques essential for evaluating the intensity and type of hearing loss disorder in children and adults.

Hearing Test for Infants and Adults – Our tools allow new born babies to undergo the assessment of hearing ability for early detection and treatment. Our assessment methods detect any hearing impairment in kids by way of behavior or electro physiological.

Types Hearing Test Techniques Provided

• BOA – Behavioral Observation Assessment – This test is carried out by a professional audiologist who efficiently detects reactions of child’s body to the sound. The body movement of child, eye reactions, sucking rate etc. are observed to detect the hearing disorder.

• ABR – Auditory Brainstem Response -This technique is used for children as young as 6 months as well for older children and adults.

• VRA – Visual Reinforcement Audiometry is used to determine the levels of hearing. This hearing assessment technique is best for children of 6-7 months old by using earphones or by keeping them in the sound booth with speakers without use of earphones. Different ranges of pitches are included here to test the intensity of the hearing disability of child if it is present. Child is attracted towards the sound using a toy.

• Conditioned Play Audiometry is used for children of 2-3 years by using earphones and conditioning children to play while the testing tones are played.

• Traditional or Standard Audiometry hearing assessment method is used for older kids as well adults by enabling patients to respond by pressing a button or reacting physically.

• Audiological Testing Basic Audiogram - This test method decides the patient’s hearing capability by comparing it to the ability of any normal adult hearing levels. It also diagnoses where the hearing impairment is actually occurring and its type. In case of diagnosis, strategies like enhance communication, hearing aids and surgical treatments are suggested.

• PTA – Pure Tone Audiometry - is one of the major hearing test used to detect the level and degree of the hearing loss. It is a subjective and behavior based measurement of diagnosing hearing loss thresholds. This test is suitable for adults as well elder kids who are able to cooperate with the testing.

• Speech Audiometry – This hearing test method uses a sample of speech or language presented in a designed way to detect certain facets of hearing abilities of the patient. It employs recorded system and other materials for testing.

Other Special Tests :

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