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Hearing Aids


We offer high-end Hearing Aids or Instruments in different sizes, of different power and circuitry. Our Hearing Aids include following types providing wide range of options for patients to choose from:

• BTE – Behind the Ear Aids comes with a tube, a small plastic case and an earmold. While the patient wears it, the case remains behind ear with tube to the front. The case is equipped with amplification system, while the tube helps in routing of sound from case to the earmold. This Hearing Aid is useful for people with hearing loss of different intensities; i.e. from mild to extreme.

• ITE – In The Ear Aids is also beneficial for varied intensity of hearing loss and is fitted in the concha (outer ear bowl). This device can be tailor made to fit for individual ears.

• RIC / RITE – Receiver in the Canal is a high-end hearing aid device wherein the speaker is placed in the ear canal and the benefit is that the wire connecting the speaker and the hearing aid is not easily noticeable and hence it is very popular.

• ITC / MIC / CIC – In the canal, Mini Canal and Completely in the Canal Hearing aids - ITC Aids are comparatively smaller in size and occupies only the bottom half of individual’s external ear. The Aid is not noticeable easily by other person. MIC and CIC are not noticeable until the person looks inside the ear of person using it. All these Hearing Aids work for little to sever hearing loss.

• IIC – Invisible in Canal Hearing Aids – These are completely invisible when worn as it is fitted in the canal quite deep. It is generally custom made to fit the mould of the wearer’ ear and hence gives a comfortable fit for everyone.

• ITE – In the Ear Hearing Aids are devices that are placed in the outer ear bowl which is also known as concha. These ITE devices are tailor made to fit every person’s ear and beneficial for mild to acute hearing loss impairments.

• Open Fit Devices are also known as Over The Ear or OTE hearing Aids. These are small behind-the-ear devices. A small plastic case is placed behind the ear and visible tube into the ear canal from the case. The tube is held inside the ear canal by a small silicone dome or a highly vented or molded acrylic tip. The special design of OTE hearing aid reduces the effect of occlusion.

• BAHA – Bone Anchored Hearing Aids - This Hearing Aid need to implant an auditory prosthetic by a surgery. Skull is used as a route for sound to travel into the inner ear. In case of people with conductive hearing loss, this Hearing aid is bypassed the external auditory canal and middle ear which results in stimulating the cochlea’s functioning.

In case of unilateral loss of hearing, the skull is used to conduct the sound with the cochlea from the deaf side. If the patient is under 5 years, he or she has to wear a headband with BAHA hearing aid device. If the patient is above 5, a surgery can be done to embed a titanium post into the skull using a small abutment outside skin. The sound vibrations that travel from external abutment to the skull and inner ear stimulate the inner ear’s nerve fibers and enables hearing.