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Cochlear Implant


Cochlear Implant treatment is a relief to patients who are having acute hearing loss which is not tackled efficiently with the other techniques like hearing aids. Patients can understand spoken words in routine world after going through the Cochlear implant. Some patients have also met greater benefits like listening to music and able to having telephonic conversations too.

Cochlear implantation treatment uses an electronic medical device which does the function of the inner ear which is damaged in patients with hearing loss. While the hearing aids make the sound louder for the patients’ ears, the cochlear implant provides sound signals to the brain by bypassing the damaged hair cells of cochlea. The device of cochlear implant consists of two devices i.e. inner and outer. Cochlear implants also help in making the deaf patients hear as cochlear implants replace the damaged hair cells.

The internal device which is surgically implanted is made of a receiver, bundle of fine wires, a magnate and electrode array. Sound processor comprises the external device which converts the sounds into electrical current to be taken through the cable across the skin in form of radio wave transmission to the receiver implanted under the skin behind the ear. The electric current thus carried to the inner ear stimulates the auditory nerve fibers which results in the sound perception. This technique can prove a boon for person with severe hearing loss disorder. Generally Cochlear Implants is used for patients suffering from severe hearing loss and cannot manage with the hearing aids. They are the best medical solution in the range of hearing loss treatments usually done with local or general anesthetic condition given to the patients.