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Assistive Listening Device (ALD)


Besides normal hearing aids and hearing therapies, we are also offering devices that can help people suffering from hearing disorder known as Hard of Hearing. All such devices help person to understand the voices in a better way and communicate with others easily.

Assistive Listening Device is provided for patients who have difficulty in differentiating speech in the noise. Person who is suffering from this hearing disorder of not distinguishing one single voice among many voices faces extreme difficulty in crowded and noisy rooms to make out a single voice among the various background voices. The hearing aid devices known as ALDs improve the ratio of speech to noise after amplifying them.

ALD devices are thus aim at helping Hard of Hearing people through amplification and improvement of sound to noise ratio. Patients can use these devices for hearing sound of television, speakers at public programs and radios in a better way. This device generally makes use of a microphone to seize audio source from its origin and transmit it wireless over methods like frequency modulation or induction loop transmission or any other transmission way. The person can use receiver to get the signal and listen the voice or speech at desired volume.

Some ALDs are designed for closer personal settings like watching tv, hearing to communication of another person. While some ALDs are also designed for more open settings like public places, places of worship, classroom lectures, functions etc. Users can use this device either with or without the hearing aids or cochlear implants. Generally the method of wireless transmission is used for ALDs meant for larger settings. The wireless microphones helps to diminish effects of the background noise.